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A list of conditions that we have treated often and successfully with Chinese medicine.


Answers to common questions about Chinese medicine.

How to choose an Acupuncturist

How to choose an acupuncturist with the right qualifications and who will be right for you.

Need a LIFT?

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Hours and Location

We are open Monday through Saturday, 8am to 8pm.

We are now located at 1507 Huguenot Road ste 200 in Midlothian Virginia 23113 (just around the corner from Best Buy (in the blue building 2nd floor)).

And our North side location 4100 Brook Road Ste. A, 23227.

Voted Best Alternative Health Center in Richmond and Central Virginia SIX years in a row by Style Weekly and Virginia Living Magazine.

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Hours: Monday - Saturday 8am to 8pm

Acupuncture Center Of Richmond (804) 754-5108

Acupuncture Richmond Va herbsOur Licensed Acupuncturists (L.Ac.) are Nationally Board Certified (NCCAOM) and state licensed by the Virginia Medical Board with over 20 years of clinical experience. We established the Acupuncture Center of Richmond to deliver high-quality, individualized health care through Oriental medicine. We create a healing atmosphere with compassion, understanding and exceptional clinical care. Our focus is on serving your health care needs and supporting you on your way to optimal well-being. We address the root cause of your illness and not just the symptoms to help your body achieve lasting healing. Currently we are offering 20 minute complimentary consultations, where we can discuss any of your health concerns and offer treatment advice. Call us today and set up a consultation or an appointment.

About Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a holistic medicine which includes acupuncture, Chinese herbs, cupping, body work, moxibustion and other modalities of treatment. It is the medicine of China but has spread through the east, Europe, and many other countries. Its influence has been increasing in the US since its introduction in 1972. Chinese medicine can be used to successfully treat almost any condition, and has been proven to do so in China and much of the world.

Why Try Acupuncture?

Acupuncture can be used as an alternative or a compliment to western medicine. It has been shown in numerous scientific trials to be very safe and effective. It is recognized as such by both the NIA (National Institute of Health) and WHO (World Health Organization). There are generally no side effects associated with acupuncture (or Chinese herbs). Acupuncture respects the body's innate and powerful ability to heal itself. The basis for acupuncture healing is balance. If the body is in proper balance it will heal itself. Acupuncture attempts to set the body back in balance allowing it to heal and thus achieving a condition of wellness.

Treating Pain with Acupuncture

Acupuncture can treat most things and at our clinic we have do treat a wide variety of conditions (see conditions on the sidebar for a list). But it should be noted that we do treat a good deal of pain at our clinic. We are thus very experienced in treating pain because we do it on a day to day basis and have been doing so for over a decade. We feel like if you are in pain, any sort of pain from back pain to fibromyalgia pain, to hip pain or neck pain, that we are the people in Richmond or Midlothian that you need to see. We feel that our current and previous patients we say the same thing, and we know that because of their continued patronage and referrals.

Acupuncture Center of Richmond

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