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Testimonials from Our Patients:


I was having several migraines a week and had tried about every medication on the market and none of them worked very well, and they usually made me feel awful. After the very 1st acupuncture treatment my migraines have never been the same. I still have some, but many many less in number and less is intensity. Monte made a few changes to my diet and I am taking Chinese herbs. I have to say this process has been literally life changing. Because my migraines were dominating my life and no longer do!. -DT

Scapular Pain.

I tried acupuncture for the first time for pain in my mid back region that, honestly I never thought would go away. After 2 treatments the pain was gone, completely. I used my 3rd treatment to work on some knee pain. I must say I was pleased and actually very surprised at the results. A coworker got similar results and that is who referred me. Monte was my acupuncturist. -AW

Neck and Back pain, Arm Pain.

I never thought of trying acupuncture, but a friend had had very good results at this clinic and nearly begged me to go. I had pain from my neck all the way down my arm and upper back. It helped greatly. I did the pain package and after 3 treatments there is only a remnant of the pain left. Nothing else had worked! -KT


I saw their pain specialist Monte. After 1 treatment I was much better and was walking better. After the second one I was nearly back to normal. I am spreading the word! -YP

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I got a first ever case of trigeminal neuralgia and the pain in my face was constant and terrible. I was given herbs and acupuncture and the pain was gone in less than 1 week, completely gone. I was skeptical but no longer am. -FS

Weight Loss

* I lost 16 pounds working with Monte's weight loss program. What more can I say but thanks! -KU

Depression and Anxiety

I came in for depression and anxiety and was better after 1 treatment. I am coming in regularly now. I was kinda amazed! I am also taking Chinese herbs and that also helps. Thanks so much.

Tennis Elbow

The treatments for my tennis elbow worked really well. I no longer have a issue. Also the tendonitis in my foot, which has been nagging me for months, is greatly improved. -AH

Sinus infections

I was having recurring sinus infections and was literally sick of taking antibiotics every few months. Since I started the acupuncture and little 'tea' pills I have not had any more infections! -BA


My fibroid shrank! It was 12 cm when I started treatment with Remee and now its down to 7cm!


I was having migraines 3 or 4 times a week when I went to Monte after my mom met him and was impressed. After the first treatment I only had 1 minor migraine the next week. I was thrilled because the headaches were dominating my life. I told Monte the next week that he had given me hope, which is something I did not have before. If you have migraines, try Chinese medicine and go to Monte. -BA

Menstrual Cramps

I have suffered from severe menstrual cramping and clotting since I was 18 years old, three years ago I was referred to Remee and have blessed that meeting ever since. My menstrual cramping is almost non-existent and my periods are now 2-3 days shorter. The relief from the pain has been amazing! I highly recommend the Acupuncture Center of Richmond. Thank you Remee! -MS


I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years when I decided to try acupuncture after being recommended to Monte by a friend. I was sceptical but started feeling better after the first treatment, and am still going in for tune-ups and also taking the herbs still. I still have some bad days but they are few and far between. I am also sleeping through the night again! I would say I am 70 percent better and I owe it to Monte and acupuncture. Monte is very gentle and made me feel at ease. After the first treatment I looked forward to going each week. Thanks for improving my life! -GR

Anxiety Digestion

I don't feel as anxious as I did, my digestion is much better. Remee has encouraged me to take yoga, eat better and I'm grateful to her for that. - BH

Foot Pain

I was diagnosed with a lipoma on the top of my foot and was about to have surgery when I went in for my first acupuncture treatment. I was able to walk better after just a few of treatments and after several it doesn't even bother me anymore. Thanks Monte for helping me get back to my primary exercise, walking, without having to have to be sliced open! I will see you before I let them ever cut me open! Thanks. -HJ

Achillies Tendonitis

I had tried the usual things for my achillies tendonitis including wearing a boot to bed for weeks, which seemed to make it worse. I noticed a great improvement after the second acupuncture visit and its been getting better ever since. This stuff really works for pain, at least it did for me.

Dizziness Joint Pain

I was going from doctor to doctor trying to find out what was wrong with me, I was so tired I couldn't get off the couch, I was dizzy, had joint pain, had such a hard time breathing, I felt depressed and could no longer live on my own. I was on several different medicines that made me feel even worse. I went to Remee as a last resort, I never expected that 6 months later I would be jogging again, doing laundry, gardening, working and taking active vacations. She's given me my life back and I can't thank her enough. She has the nicest bed-side manner and is very skilled with acupuncture and the herbs. I've gotten off of half my medications and am looking forward to weaning off the others. -FP

Back Pain

I have had chronic back pain for over 10 years after an accident. The acupuncture has been next to a miracle for me, I feel so good after a treatment. I still go in once a month and I feel healthier overall for it. Also, my hands, which are arthritic, are much much better. I never told Monte that I had hand pain until it was gone. Many thanks and see you soon! -FT

Neck and Back

My neck pain and low back are much better after the 3 treatment pain package. Definitly worth it, since the cortisone shots were no longer helping. I like that its also natural. -JH


I found Remee because she came highly recommended by a co-worker of mine who also suffered from PCOS and was helped by going to the Acupuncture Center of Richmond. I wanted to get pregnant and the PCOS was making it very difficult with how crazy my hormones were, I didn't know if I could even get pregnant. I got treatments for infertility for 2 months before I got pregnant. We have a 1 year old boy now thanks to Remee, she was so caring, informative and easy to talk to. I'm thinking about getting pregnant again, so I'll be back in soon. -GC

Shoulder Pain

I went to Monte for shoulder pain and the acupuncture,combined with cupping and herbs has fixed it up. I go to Monte now for almost any ailment that I have. I am a believer in the healing properties of acupuncture. I really just feel better overall after becoming an acupuncture patient and I get sick less frequently. Thanks!!! -SD

Feeling Good

I've been to all sorts of doctors and even Chinese medical doctors that do acupuncture and they just don't compare! I just want Remee; she's got this special ability; I just feel better around her. I feel so hopeful, so happy after her treatments. She has such amazing healing energy! - BD

Back Pain

My chiropractor recommended me to Monte after a car accident. My back and tailbone was injured and the acupuncture really helped me heal fast. My doctor was amazed at how fast I healed up. Monte really does a real wonder job, he is so easygoing. Nice guy and good with the needles. -BY


After one treatment my dizziness is gone and my mood is so much brighter. -KK

Bladder Prolapse Uterine Prolapse

I suffered from a severe prolapse of the bladder and uterus, stage 3 prolapse of the uterus according to my gynecologist. All my doctor could offer me was surgery and I wasn't quite ready to do that yet, I wanted to check out other options. I did some research and found Remee Gemo. She did acupuncture for a month and when I went to my follow up doctor's visit she reported that I no longer had a prolapsed bladder or uterus so I was able to avoid surgery. - DK


My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years when we finally found Remee. She took a lot of time to explain Chinese philosophy, what we should be eating, little life changes that help make our bodies stronger and answered all our questions. She worked with us for a few months with acupuncture and different herbs and now we are pregnant! -AG

Hypertension Hot Flashes

My blood pressure used to be high but it is normal now, my hot flashes are gone, I have more energy and sleep more soundly; just from taking Chinese herbs that Remee makes for me every week. -HE

Ankle Pain

Thanks for the cupping and needles for my sprained ankle. The morning after the treatment it was much better. Thanks so much! -AV

Weight Loss

I had heard acpuncute can help with weight loss so I went to see Monte. Finally something that worked! I lost most of the weight I wanted and the strange thing was that more than losing weight, my shape changed. Even before I lost any pounds people told me I looked like I had lost weight! Thank you Monte for what you do and do so well! -TU

Facial Rejuvenation

I've been doing the facial acupuncture and I can't believe how great I look. All my friends are wondering what I've been doing, I get compliments on my skin and even look thinner! My eyes are wide and bright, the wrinkles have disappeared and I'm not puffy and sagging like I used to be. Not only do I look younger I feel younger and my mood, my stomach and allergies have all greatly improved. I'm definitely going to continue getting treatments, they've helped me so much. -BB

Facial Rejuvenation

My husband noticed such a big difference since I've been doing the facial treatments and is so impressed that its helped my IBS too that he said he pay for all my treatments. -SR


I went to three other doctors and tried many drugs and steroids for the eczema that was making my life miserable because of the constant terrible itching. The eczema was all over the bottom part of my body nothing worked to make it better. Monte knew immediately what was causing my eczema. A few days after my first treatment with Monte I noticed an improvement, I would say it was 20% better so I was encouraged. Over the next several weeks it continued to improve and then, suddenly it was gone. I had one flare-up a year later but one treatment took care of it. I would almost say the treatments saved my life. -DP

Back Pain and Hip Pain

I was scheduled for surgery when I was recommended to Monte. I did not want to have surgery so I gave it a try and I am glad I did. My back and hip got better after a few treatments. I have to say I was sort of amazed and I was able to cancel the surgery. I still go to Monte for other issues and I feel my health has improved overall. I would recommend acupuncture and especially Monte before you get any surgery or if you just want to feel better. -MP

Bell's Palsy

I had never had or even considered acupuncture before getting Bell's Palsy but read on the internet that it was good for it. I met Monte and he calmly told me the problem should resolve after a few treatments with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I came twice a week for four weeks and took the herbs and the symptoms were gone after that time. It made me a believer. Also, Monte was great to work with, very reassuring and down-to-earth and he explained what he was doing and I came to really respect him and Chinese medicine. Try this medicine and try this healer! -ES


I started going to Monte for a back injury which was healed rather quickly. I noticed that my anxiety level, which was always a problem had lessened during the treatment for my back. I still see Monte, but now its to control my anxiety and my insomnia and both have improved greatly. I am not sure how acupuncture does it but it seems to have changed the way my body handles stress. Monte has honestly changed my life and how I look at health and medicine. Also I am off my antidepressants which I was trying to get off of for years!. -KL


Monte is a very calm person and he was very reassuring to me at a time when I thought I would never get over the health issues I was facing. He helped me realize the connectedness of the body and he was able to treat all my issues at once. Things are so much better now that I cannot even describe it well. Give Monte and acpuncture (and his wonderful herbal supplements) a try and you will never go back to your doctor! -CV


I've tried so many therapies and medications for my vertigo and after 1 visit its 75% better and I just can't thank you enough. -GB

Pain Back Pain

I went to Monte because a good friend said he had worked miracles for him. I work out a lot and have just minor injuries now and then and I also (used to) get a lot of colds and headaches. I have become a regular at the Acpuncuter Center because I feel I am just healthier. I no longer get colds and the headaches are extremely rare. I am not sure how it works but it does. Oh, and my sleep is much better, I wake less often. Give it a try you will not be dissappointed. -EG

Neck pain Shoulder pain

My doctor recommended me to Monte. I got great results for my shoulder pain and neck pain which was looking like I was going to have to have surgery on. Thanks for saving me from that misery! -PG

Back Pain and Sciatica

OK, Monte tells me that this is rare but my sciatica was gone after just one treatment! Just lucky I guess. -BT

Weight Loss and Energy

Remee has just helped me so much, I've got more energy, I've lost weight and am in a much better mood overall. -BW

Pain and Energy

I feel incredible-ever since I started acupuncture I've got great energy and less pain. -EB


I really trust Remee, I feel like I can tell her anything.

Women's Health

I haven't had my period for a year and I got my period after one treatment. -KH

There is a place in heaven for Remee, she's changed my life! -WS

Leg Pain

I can not believe how much better my leg feels--you are a miracle worker. -BC

I send my friends and family to Remee because she is honest and I trust her completely. - NZ

Weight Loss

I came to Monte because I was interested in acupuncture for weight loss, two of my officemates had seen him one for fibromyalgia and the other for weight loss too and they were impressed by the results. I enjoyed my treatment immensely, I have only had a few treatments but I already notice I'm not as bloated, my waist is a little slimmer and I don't crave sweets. -JM

Stop Smoking

You might not want to believe this but I quit smoking after 1 acupuncture treatment! Some switch just went off or on in my brain and I no longer have the desire to smoke. Of course I recommend it even though I hear it usually takes more visits. -JM


About three years ago I developed Tinnitus, a constant ringing in the ear. According to Doctors I had a pretty severe case. I had been seeing an ENT, Geneticist and several other western medicine specialists for two years prior to coming to Monte. They all told me I had to 'live with it' and there was nothing else they could do. Unhappy with that diagnosis I looked for alternative options. This strategy led me to Acu-Center of Richmond. Two of my friends had been patients, for other reasons, awhile and raved about the results. My wife and I met with Monte and he really made us comfortable so we decided to proceed. Over the course of the next year he worked tirelessly to rid me of this curse. More importantly he made me realize the grip this affliction had on my life and how every decision I made impacted it. I've altered my diet, as well as my approach to life, and I'm beginning to find peace. I have many more good days than bad and I'm a better person because of Acu-Center of Richmond. -MR

* individual results may vary.